Side Charging Billet Upper Receiver

Here at Delta Team Tactical we always want to help you get the most out of your firearm experience. If you don’t already know, we offer a wide variety of parts to help you add a competitive edge to your firearm while also keeping it aesthetically pleasing. These parts include everything from optics and scopes to upper and lower build kits, however our brand new Side Charging Billet Upper Receiver is one piece that stands out among the rest. Today, we introduce you to our “Sidecar” AR-15 billet side charging upper receiver. Let’s discuss why side charging is beneficial, why ambidextrous parts are useful, and why you might be interested in this particular part.


Benefits Of A Side Charging AR-15

Rule number 1: Side chargers are just awesome. It looks cool, it's different from the norm, and its a fun little nod to other beloved firearms out there like MP5s or an M249. While it is true that side charging your rifle makes it look cool, there are more tactical and practical benefits as well. Firstly, modifying your stock is easier to do when you switch to side charging. Standard T shaped charging handles limit the type of stock you can put on since the handle has to be able to go back a certain distance. So if you’re looking at using a stock with an enhanced or raised cheek pad, it might get in the way of charging your rifle. Building a side charger is a great solution to this.

Secondly, it is easier to charge and get rid of jams without changing your position. When you are using the standard charging handle you have to move your rifle or your head and lose your focus on the target. However, when you have a side charging handle it allows you to stay in your position without ever breaking line of sight with your target. I think we can all agree that increased efficiency is always a bonus! These tactical advantages are not the only thing side charging is useful for. This particular side charging billet upper receiver can be charged on both sides! In the next section we talk more about ambidextrous parts.

Ambidextrous Parts

So now that we know a bit more about the tactical benefits of side charging rifles, let's take a look into another important feature of this particular side charging upper receiver. While ambidextrous parts are not the most common thing in the world, they might be just what you need to add the perfect edge to your rifle. One of the cool things about the AR-15 platform is the availability of ambidextrous parts for almost every part of the rifle. Safety selector, bolt release, magazine release, standard charging handles; these are all important functional pieces of your AR-15 that can be upgraded with ambidextrous options. The side charging AR-15 is no different. With our Side Charging Billet Upper Receiver the user benefits from being able to use an ambidextrous charging system, which is a great feature because it allows the user to charge their rifle with the side that feels most comfortable, or is most accessible. With this particular part, many will see an increase in speed, efficiency, and/or convenience right away.

Why You Want This One

If you are still not convinced that our side charging upper receiver is the perfect way to step up your firearm game that’s okay. We still have a few more things to go through. Other than being cool (have we mentioned this side charger is cool yet?) this part is also hard coat anodized. Having the upper receiver anodized helps to increase the thickness and hardness of the oxide layer which in turn makes the piece more durable. It also features a full Picatinny top rail for installation of iron sights or additional optics. This upper receiver does not have a forward assist, or a dust door, and both sides are machined flat. This design keeps it really low profile, and gives it a very streamlined feel.


Our Ambidextrous Side Charging Billet Upper Receiver is compatible with the following:

.223 Remington

5.56 NATO

.300 Blackout

6.5 Grendel


9mm Luger

.350 Legend

9mm Pistol Caliber Carbines

Just make sure you are using the proper BCG for your caliber of choice.


The Ambidextrous Side Charging Billet Upper receiver is a great way to improve efficiency when shooting. Side charging allows the user to modify your stock and also charge or get rid of jams without moving your firearm away from the target. The ambidextrous feature of this upper receiver allows the user to choose which side they prefer to charge from. Combine all that with the traditional aspects of this upper receiver such as being hard coat anodized and having a picatinny rail and you have an all around good option for your next side charging AR-15 build. Lastly, have we mentioned it looks super cool and is super fun to shoot? Let us know what you think of our Ambidextrous Side Charging Billet Upper Receiver in the comments below.


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Date 6/7/2022

Does this effect gas blowback at all?


Date 6/9/2022

Will this be available in the lr308/ar-10 platform?


Date 6/13/2022

I love that its side charging. Its always felt more reliable when pulling bolt back by a side charging handle.

Benjamin Dunlap

Date 7/5/2022

Great build mod

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