The Journeyman Pro is the next level in the Journeyman line. This is a purpose-driven build for someone looking to do purpose-driven training and shooting. It is designed for the more experienced shooter who is looking for a refined build to take them up a level. When you buy the Journeyman Pro you’re paying for quality parts that have been intentionally selected to help you get the most out of your next tactical adventure. The Journeyman Pro has key elements from top brands like Magpul that have been proven to be an advantage in real-world tactical applications. This rifle has been built for intermediate to advanced level shooters, without the price tag that is typically associated with that level of gear. Some prefer to start their builds from the ground up. If you’re looking for an unyielding, upgraded build, then you need to start with the Journeyman Pro.


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Javier Partida

Date 8/6/2022

Well you guys talk a big game but let's see it in action make a video of you guys shooting the rifle put it through it's pases call it gun porn if you like but as the movie ones said " show me the money" thanks

Ron Ponec

Date 9/2/2022

Nice looking, straight forward gun.

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